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Featured Projects

Harlem Fashion Row

The task: develop a custom e-commerce platform enabling the company to easily manage a diverse list of BIPoC fashion designers and affiliate link to their products

The Mask Studio

The task: develop a new logo, a new online selling strategy, and integrated e-commerce store for a small art business

Zea Mays Printmaking

The task: develop a website platform for membership, events and registration, online lessons, gallery purchases and so much more

Moonlit Sea Prints

Bringing curated Japanese woodblock prints from the ukiyo-e and shin-hanga periods to the world

Boston Rare Maps

The task: building a complete e-commerce store and digital marketing strategy for a premier dealer in antique maps

Share Coffee

The task: to create a website and digital marketing strategy that expands the reach and online sales of Share Coffee’s coffee

50 Arrow Gallery

The task: creating the first website for a BIPOC-focused art gallery to enable an online strategy and e-commerce

NBA Star Mason Plumlee

The task: giving an NBA star a platform to easily speak with his fans, provide information about himself and his causes, and build his brand.

Creative Goods

The task: develop a custom e-commerce platform enabling one company to easily manage upwards of 35 Broadway show merchandise e-commerce websites

Northeast Solar

The task: rebrand and develop a new website that effectively communicates the mission of the company and funnels visitors based on their solar needs