David Kutcher, President, Confluent Forms LLC

As the firm’s founder in 2002, David leads the Confluent Forms team. His commitment to excellence in creating usable and engaging projects for both non-profit and for-profit organizations has produced powerful final products for all of Confluent Forms’s customers. David’s work, coming from his interdisciplinary background of design, architecture and development, has been instrumental in increasing viewership, membership and the length of user sessions for numerous companies and organizations utilizing an approach focused around goal completion and return on investment. David is responsible for the information architecture and interface development of the project. Clients of Confluent Forms have included: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Science News, Creative Goods Merchandise, the National Academy of Neuropsychology, The Elements Productions, the South Dakota State Historical Society Press, Donors Choose, and many more.

Prior to founding Confluent Forms David initiated and standardized the Information Architecture Department at Lead Dog Digital and Iconixx-NY. Heading up this department he performed information architecture and usability services for financial corporations including Prudential Securities, Nomura Fixed Income, Bear Stearns, and Citibank; media companies such as McGraw Hill; and non-profit organizations such as the Henry Street Settlement. David has over fifteen years of professional experience designing, developing and architecting for the Internet.

David’s other major focus within Confluent Forms is the RFP Database and the subject of Requests for Proposals. He actively engages organizations and companies interested in utilizing the RFP process, responding to RFPs, and working to create a better, more considerate, and more strategic procurement process.