After seeing so many search results end up at our website and blog for people searching for how to “advertise their RFP”, I’ve decided that it’s about time I addressed this issue head-on: you should go to the RFP Database right now, register in the site (there is no charge), and upload your RFP listing to the website (again, no charge).

You owe it to your project to get the most competitive bids that you can and the RFP Database can provide you with the most exposure for your project at no cost to you:

  • we have over 60,000 registered users, the majority looking for projects to bid on
  • for almost any RFP search in Google we’re in the top 5 results (sometimes #1 and #2)
  • your RFP is announced through mass-emails to interested parties, as well as on blogs and Twitter
  • many professional associations look to our site for project leads to provide to their members

Over 300 Requests for Proposals are announced on our site every week. Organizations that were used to receiving a maximum of 3 bids on their projects have contacted us in the past, surprised at receiving 20 or more qualified proposals for their consideration. Unlike many of our competitors we don’t have a registration fee, membership fee, listing fee, or any other fees that would get in the way of your announcing your project, and it’s a much more efficient means of soliciting proposals than announcing it in your newspaper or other press release outlet. Our site also receives significant traffic that will bring the desired attention to your project which might not happen if you only announce the project on your own website.

So go ahead, give the RFP Database a try and register now. If you’re looking for examples of projects similar to yours to help you with writing your RFP you’ll also be able to download two RFPs at no charge.