On October 1, 2009, the RFP Database surpassed a membership of over 53,000 registered users and having announced over 15,000 RFPs. On a given week there are over 250 to 350 new RFPs listed on the site with a value exceeding $200 million for services ranging from Accounting, Architecture and Engineering to Public Relations, Marketing and Web Development.

But most importantly, what do the users think about the site?

“[Confluent Forms LLC] provides one of the most valuable resources for a sales professional especially one in the IT world. [Confluent Forms LLC’s] RFP Database website is an excellent resource for sales leads and a wonderful peer to peer network. I would recommend them and their services to anyone in the sales industry.”

Carl Barcroft
Sales and Marketing Manager, Project A

“Some ideas are so good that they seem obvious as soon as someone else has thought of them. The RFP database is one of those. It offers extraordinary value to a very large group of people, who both add RFPs that they can’t use from their own searches and draw on the finds of others. But not only did [Confluent Forms LLC] come up with the idea, they have done an extraordinary job of maintaining and promoting it (not a task to envy).”

Sam Frank
Principal, Synthesis Partnership

“I am very impressed with the quantity and quality of information captured and posted on the RFP Database. It is a “must-read” for me each morning and has been a source of business leads since I registered. Good work and thank you for making it easier to find opportunities!”

Linda DiMario
Owner, DiMario & Associates

“Your database is a tremendous resource and a great help to us.  We received 11 solid proposals.  We will certainly use your services in the future.”

Town of Irondequoit NY

“QTI has been members of [Confluent Forms LLC]’s site (www.RFPdb.com) for a few years now. I highly recommend their site to all professional firms that bid any overall projects. There is no Lead Generation site on the net more user-friendly, current and valuable when participating in uploading and downloading prospective projects. In addition, our company posted our first ever banner ad and decided to do so with www.RFPdb.com. Thank you so much for your help with bid opportunities and the existence of www.RFPdb.com!”

Darren Ferona
Marketing and Sales Manager, Quality Teleservices, Inc.

“[Confluent Forms LLC] has assembled the largest collection of RFPs and does an amazing job serving their audience with information they need to know about RFPs. I rely on their company to keep us informed of opportunities that benefit our bottomline.”

Kristine Forsberg
Owner, Vertical Methods, LLC

“I was not aware that our RfP had ended up at the RFP Database, but I’m happy it did. We are always looking for ways to get our RfPs broadcast as widely as possible and we will be using your site in the future!”

Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

“I have found the service offered by [Confluent Forms LLC] through RFPdb.com to be an excellent resource for new business leads. The RFP Database is a cost effective means for gathering a large number of potential projects in a short period of time.”

John Silentio
Independent Computer & Network Security Professional

“It was a funny story getting to you as I had said to the staff “Wouldn’t it make sense if there was a place you could post the RFP rather than digging through all of these directories, etc.”  One motivated staffer came back after a little research and said – it exists.  With appreciation!”

Sibley Memorial Hospital Foundation

“[Confluent Forms LLC]’s collaborative site has generated a number of additional prospects and leads into our pipeline. The deals closed after bidding on the sources provided on RFPDB.com have amounted to around $160,000 in revenue. As our small business drives forward, we will continue to utilize the RFPDB community to hunt down attractive government-based projects.”

Daniel Nyquist
Business Development, Artemis Solutions Group

“We were wondering how we gathered proposals from as far as California!  Yes, we received 6 proposals in total and that is more than we expected.  Thank you!”

Addison County Transit Resources

“[Confluent Forms LLC] has built a community for people like me to find new business opportunities. Their website, The RFP Database (www.rfpdb.com), allows users to look for & post RFPs. As a digital marketing consultant responsible for new business development, rfpdb.com is now my favorite website.”

Mark Wilson
Drennon Construction & Consulting, Inc 

“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend [Confluent Forms LLC] and commend the fine work they are doing at RFPdb.com. I have been using their service to identify RFP’s in my field and have had continued success in not only making the finals, but winning bids I have found through his service. I consider RFPdb an instrumental tool and valuable resource in my new business prospecting.”

Graham Stinchcomb
Senior Director, Business Development, Employment Enterprises

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