“Conventional Wisdom” in the sales arena says that if you weren’t involved in writing the Request for Proposals with the client, chances are you have no shot at winning the resulting project. This cynical viewpoint is in just about every publication we’ve read that has an article on RFPs.

We decided to take the question about whether it was impossible to win a RFP and up the stakes to the “blind RFP”, the RFP that you weren’t even personally sent, but that you found out in the aether and decided to bid on. Is it impossible to win a blind RFP?

We posed this question to our LinkedIn group and received quite a few responses. All of the responses were appropriately cautious and realistic in acknowledging the long odds of winning. But almost all of the respondents said that yes, they do submit to blind RFPs and have won blind RFPs in the past. No respondents said that they will not submit to blind RFPs. And the tool for many of them was a good go/no-go decision tree.

Please check out the conversation and add your thoughts!