Here at Confluent Forms LLC we work with many companies all across the country, projects ranging from small websites to complex and custom back office management systems to branding and logo design to e-commerce systems. But some of our favorite projects are the ones that we’ve done for local businesses in our own backyard.

Not that we don’t love all of our clients, but there’s something special about the local ones, the ones you get to see all of the time around town, while also being able to see how your work has positively affected their businesses. These projects included a wide range of services, functionality, requirements, and budget… for a wide range of businesses.

Sutter Meats, Pinch, Rebekah Brooks Jewelry, Amherst College, as well as others including Renew Pilates, The Pioneer Valley Ballet, Trail Rail, Tandem Bagels and many more. Each came to us with their own unique website needs, as well as online presence management, local search engine optimization and consulting, and desires for e-commerce, visitor conversions, and Google Analytics tracking.

In today’s business climate, you need more than just a website. You need a holistic web strategy. You need a web site that converts visitors into customers and clients. You need a local search strategy that enables potential customers to find you easily and leads them to your door. You need to understand your website’s traffic patterns so that you can improve conversions. You need a responsively designed website that works no matter the device your visitors are viewing you on. And you need a website that you can manage easily, without needing to call for tech support all the time.

That is what we will provide.

Below are some of our local projects, and please, give us a call: 413-282-8742

Sutter Meats
Northampton, MA

Pinch Goods (aka Pinch Gallery)
Northampton, MA
Rebekah Brooks Jewelry
Northampton, MA
Renew Pilates
Easthampton, MA
Pioneer Valley Ballet
Easthampton, MA

Amherst College
Amherst, MA

Trail Rail
Easthampton, MA