Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools can be overwhelming to many people, especially business owners that don’t have the time and background to delve into charts and formulate web strategies based off of the information found within. In our previous post, “Magic 8 Ball for Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools” we documented some loose strategies that you can employ to get a better understanding of your website and how it is being found and used.

But we’re now going further, based on popular demand, and offering a consulting product that is designed to help you get set up with both of these tools, quickly find the information that’s been identified as relevant to your business and website, and continue on towards success.

The goal: To enable you to reach higher returns and greater conversions from your website visitors, and to yield better search engine placement for the keywords and phrases that garner you the most value.

The focus will be your business goals and how they are being accomplished in your site

We know it’s easy to get distracted in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, which is why our focus isn’t on the data, but instead on the data as it relates to You and Your Goals. Knowing how many visitors came to your website on any given day is fine – understanding why those visitors came, what they were trying to do, where they came from, and if they accomplished their goals (and your goals!) is much more valuable.

And that is the crux of this new offering: empowering you to realize more value from your website.

Delving deep into the metrics that matter for your business’s website

Here’s how it works:

  1. initial consultation to understand your business, business goals, and goals for the website
  2. review and customization of your Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts
  3. adding goals and conversion metrics if warranted
  4. creation of custom dashboards in Analytics and spreadsheet reports for Webmaster Tools
  5. initial summary report on the Analytics and Webmaster Tools data, along with recommendations for website modifications, social strategies, and search engine optimization updates
  6. periodic reviews of the data (bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly) and recommendations
The greater purposes of this offering are to provide you with a deeper understanding of your website’s success through establishing goals for the site and continually working to move the needle in a positive direction for those goal acquisitions/conversions.

Who will benefit from this product

We believe this consulting product to be valuable for any business, large and small, that wants to understand their website’s performance better. Our goal is to educate your on your site’s existing performance, enable metrics based on your goals for the site, and give you actionable intelligence for improving your site’s success over time.


Pricing for this offering will vary based on the size and scope of your web property and needs, along with the frequency of the periodic reviews.