During the week I often save videos and podcasts created by people I follow, knowing that I want to listen to them and just don’t have time. This morning I was listening to a short video by my friend Mark Traphagen of Aimclear regarding content that inspires vs content that manipulates.

It’s an interesting subject, how most marketing has been focused on manipulation, whereas the best content is the content that inspires. A valuable topic to be sure.

But while I was driving, this quick 1-minute video got me thinking about a tangent: where does inspiring content come from? How can I help my clients create inspiring content?

It comes from being inspired by what your business provides and creates for your customers and clients.

That made me think of my friend Hannah Gyovai. Hannah is a local ordained interfaith minister with a passion for creating beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremonies and other occasions of blessings. I’ve been helping her with her website strategy and digital marketing strategy, but also in helping her realize her passion and conveying that passion to clients in a way that also enables her business to thrive.

“convey that value before the sale”

Part of the challenge for her is that, often times, the officiant is the last person to be hired in wedding planning, even though if you think about it, who else is standing with the couple at the most important part of the day? People sometimes “price shop” for this important person, opting to save money and go for a “warm body” to be the official, treating the officiant like a commodity.

Hannah is not providing a commodity, she’s providing a bespoke service.

Not everyone realizes that, so part of what we’ve been working on is creating ways to showcase how unique she is, and to create content and messaging that Inspires. For Hannah, it’s easy, because it’s clear just by looking at the pictures and reading the stories, that she’s inspired by her work. And with that, to have people value her services at what they should be valued.

Being properly valued for your product and service is something that ALL businesses find difficult. We struggle, at the time of the sale, with saying the price and conveying the value so that the client/customer appreciates it and makes the purchase. We get into situations of having “to convince to convert”. But that struggle is often because we haven’t had the opportunity to adequately convey that value before the sale. We haven’t fully utilized our passion and inspiration in our own business in order to create messaging and content that conveys that passion and inspiration, which then translates into the value of our product and service.

So then it comes back to a fundamental question: what inspires you about what you’re doing?

Update: “you are contagious”

Came across this TEDxLondon talk which talks about behavior and how it relates to how others perceive confidence. As a related thought, I agree that You Are Contagious. You know what’s contagious? An inspired and enthusiastic person talking about what inspires them in an enthusiastic way.