With a few simple, actionable suggestions for me to take, along with his SEO optimization, David at Confluent Forms has helped dramatically increase traffic to my website. My inquiries have nearly doubled from previous years and my business just recorded its best sales ever. David helped me implement strategies to better understand and grow my business on my own, and gave me the tools I need to do my best work.

Also, David is easy to communicate with and extremely quick to respond to questions. He made something I’ve never prioritized about my business feel engaging, collaborative and even fun. Plus, he’s just a really nice guy. Thank you, David!

Rev. Hannah Grace, Grace Ceremonies

In our field of work, we are appealing to quite a broad audience with extremely varied interests, ideas, budgets and more. So our new website needed to somehow speak to them all. While striving to create that, our site also needed to build on a 35 year old logo and brand. The finished product is exactly what we wanted … not just a website to get us out of the 80s, but a website to take us well into the future, while keeping our legacy and brand intact. The site is designed for desk and mobile users alike, and it is crisp, clean, professional and accessible. It is very informative for someone new to our work, and yet dense enough for someone already versed in the field who wants to learn even more. I can also do the majority of the edits and uploads myself, which is fantastic. We couldn’t be happier.

I loved working with David. Our entire team of 4 had opportunities to interact, weigh-in, consult and basically barrage him with questions, but as the primary lead on our website project, I had a lot of contact in person, by email and phone. I found David very receptive to all of my questions and demands, with a keen eye on where and how to push back on design, content or other issues that he felt were a priority that I might have been overlooking. My questions were always addressed and decisions he made were always explained. He tirelessly tweaked subtle changes until our team was satisfied. I really appreciate that David picks up the phone to address emails! It seems in our world today people would rather text or email, but David would without fail call me to follow-up on an email I had sent. And, I never heard an ounce of exasperation, and frankly I would imagine that at the final stages of a project clients get a bit exasperating! But if he felt it, he never showed it, and I am grateful for that.

Thank you David and Confluent Forms for making our team, and our company, feel valued by the time and product that you produced with us!!

Jane Sarouhan, J2Guides LLC

I recently migrated my site to a new responsive design through Confluent Forms. Over the last almost month my conversions have increased, the feedback has been extremely positive from users and we’re extraordinarily happy with the final product.

In a situation where your website brings in a good degree of revenue, I would say spend your money on a quality team. Confluent Forms are nothing less than excellent. They deliver a fantastic finished product that doesn’t stop at your sites curb appeal. They dig deeper to ensure you are maximizing every session on your site.

Pay them, it’s worth it. For our site, we wanted to insure we kept our current rankings and work on improving them, since the migration we’re seeing positive trends and no drops in traffic which is good but what’s better is our conversions are not only up but they are being tracked much more effectively than ever before…so although our traffic is still on point with historical trends the conversions have increased and again, that’s all that matters.

I would highly recommend Confluent Forms.

Michael Bennett, Michlin Metals

After having a series of Google Analytics and Google Search Console sessions over a period of four months with David Kutcher, I’m totally impressed with his consistent fluency and knowledge. He really knows the tools inside and out and approaches them with creativity which is what I like best.

We came up with some tasks and changes, watched the effects over time and were happy with the results. I really like this way of thinking and experimenting. Seems like anything we’re curious about can be explored and the answers are there just waiting to be examined.

The huge bonus is that I now have a better handle on what’s going on with our website in regard to search, visits and conversions. I’m excited to keep learning. And to continue having fun with this. Thanks, David!

Gina Fiedel, Fat Eyes

I have been working with Confluent Forms since mid-2016 and highly recommend their services. I originally hired them because, unlike other firms I spoke with, they “get” the principle that a web site must serve a broader business strategy. Our first project was building a new web site for my business, Boston Rare Maps, which I have found very easy to work with and which gets regular compliments from my clients. Since then they have been overseeing my firm’s digital strategy, and the web site’s performance has improved tremendously on every possible measure. Last but not least, they are pleasant to work with and very responsive to my concerns and questions.

Michael Buehler, President, Boston Rare Maps

Michael Buehler, Boston Rare Maps

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools consulting

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools can be overwhelming to many people, especially business owners that don’t have the time and background to delve into charts and formulate web strategies based off of the information found within. Most websites are launched or redesigned having had Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools running in their websites, recording data. But too often nobody is ever looking at the data being provided. The data contained in a Google Analytics dashboard can provide incredible intelligence regarding the success/failures of a website, and how to continually improve it moving forward. Google Webmaster Tools can provide inside-Google-Search metrics regarding how your site is being seen, interpreted, and displayed by Google in Google Search, as well as enable you to track your progress in improving your site.

All of this incredible and actionable intelligence is there for the taking… and we can help you use it to your strategic advantage.

These are some of the articles we’ve written on Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools:

We offer a consulting service that is designed to help you get set up with both of these tools, quickly find the information that’s been identified as relevant to your business and website, and continue on towards success. The goal: To enable you to reach higher returns and greater conversions from your website visitors, and to yield better search engine placement for the keywords and phrases that garner you the most value.

Systems Analysis

Systems may develop in an ad-hoc manner, have a lifespan so long that nobody remembers the actual underlying technologies, or, worse, be placed by vendors with no supporting information. If your organization has questions about its own technology we are able to provide the exploratory and documentary services necessary for the understanding of organizational technical infrastructure.

RFP Process Management

We were the original creators of a large public RFP exchange: The RFPDB, as a result, we have been involved in the management of the RFP process for some of our customers. This entails documenting existing systems (if applicable), scoping the work to be performed, writing and releasing the RFP, working with the customer to review the resultant proposals, interviewing the finalists, making recommendations, a technical analysis of the statement of work/contract and contract negotiations. This is an excellent service for organizations looking to start a project but unsure how to get the process moving along properly.

Technical Facilitation

Conflicts arise in technical projects because of an imbalance of knowledge between the vendor(s) and their customer. We provide a project facilitation service where we act as an informed and impartial third party offering assessment, advice and review. In this role we seek to ease the flow of information and understanding between the stakeholders in the project. At the same time, we work to be impartial, and represent the best interests of the project not any specific stakeholder.

Virtual CTO

Our vCTO service is the longer and more comprehensive engagement of our full project facilitation services. Many small organizations lack the technical knowledge to develop a technical strategy nor oversee the fulfillment of that plan. Technology, while a necessary part of their day to day work, is something they have no experience in managing, or desire. We work with (or as) your project manager as a representative of the company overseeing all aspects of the project’s implementation and impact. All of our other services come into play in a holistic approach towards project success.